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ViSiGiP significantly enhances the inspection process. By enabling all stakeholders to track the status of the cargo in question. And by optimising both the planning and execution of inspections.

This powerful app includes the following features:

  • Ability to include intermediaries such as shipping companies, customs agents and transport companies in the process.
  • Electronic signatures. Rather than have drivers sign paper customs undertakings, the transport company can sign such undertakings digitally. This enables drivers to leave the terminal outside customs working hours and arrive at border inspection posts before they open, thus saving time and reducing traffic congestion.
  • Status alert upon leaving the terminal. A ‘Gate out’ notification is sent to all stakeholders as soon as the driver leaves the terminal en route for border inspection post.
  • Registration of arrival at the border inspection post.
  • Interaction with gas measurement companies.
  • Overview screen with all available dispatches still to be checked at the border inspection post and their individual status. This gives an instant view of the occupancy rate for optimised planning.
  • Registration of departure from the border inspection post.
  • Reports and analysis tools for statistics purposes.
  • Interfaces with community data platforms for integration in back-end systems.


ViSiGiP is a web-based app. Which means the only requirements are a web browser and internet connection. It can also be used on a tablet for full mobile access.

Use of the app costs just 10 euros per user per month.  
Simply visit the C-Point community portal to sign up: