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Smart portsolutions at your fingertips

Are you a forwarder or other logistics provider? Want to reinforce your core business while eliminating time-consuming manual tasks? Port@pp is committed to delivering just that. By developing, building, marketing, maintaining and supporting customised apps that enable you to communicate efficiently and effectively with the relevant port authorities.

We start with a thorough analysis of your existing work processes. Port@pp then applies its wealth of knowhow about port processes, logistics flows, import and export administration and compliance with customs regulations. To make everything faster, easier and more digital.

Our innovative business model, dedicated consultancy and cutting-edge technology are your guarantee of a powerful digital solution. And we ensure a seamless integration via online training and support for your users.

Port@pp created the e-Fyto app in the framework of a pilot project for the transport of apples from New Zealand to Belgium.

Using blockchain technology, T-Mining succeeds in transmitting the original version of the document via entirely digital channels without duplication. In other words, only one party can ever be in possession of the original declaration at any one time, thereby guaranteeing authenticity. Nobody can modify or delete any information without being detected. And since all parties can be sure to have the exact same information at their disposal, everything flows with far greater speed and efficiency.

Port@pp developed the front-end application that lets users upload, transfer and approve certificates quickly and securely via the blockchain.

The ViSiGiP app allows all relevant parties to check the status of a container earmarked for inspection by customs. That includes the customs authorities themselves, the FAVV, the gas measurement company, forwarding agents, the transport company, the client and so on.

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Our digital experts are also logistics experts

Port@pp works on an individual project basis, not only for developing new applications but also as consultants. On the basis of a clearly defined mission, a single point of contact for your convenience and an accurate estimate of the budget and requirements.

Want to find out what Port@pp can do for your company? Want to meet our team of experts?

Get in touch with John Kerkhof on +32 (0)3 560 16 11.